New Apple iPad Prediction Specs, Price

What can we expect from iPads in the coming year? The predictions don’t seem very optimistic. According to analysts from DigiTimes, iPad sales in 2017 are most likely be lower than in 2016. Despite the probable upcoming release of updated iPads (Air 3, mini 5 and Pro 2), the demand on Apple tablets is obviously decreasing. Same analysts suppose that iPads are being “pushed away” from the market by mobile laptops and phablets.

The information from open sources tells us that Apple is currently reducing orders on iPad components. Obviously, this is not a good sign, considering upcoming holidays when the demand on electronic is always huge. This once again confirms the fact that the iPads are losing their positions on the tablet market.

Another credible opinion on this matter comes from a famous KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. He says that Apple is going to announce a new, redefined version of iPad in spring but customers shouldn’t put their hopes on it. The device will feature top-notch software and, obviously, great functionality but it will be moved to the niche segment, so it won’t be the main source of income for Apple.

Anyway, these are all predictions, so we can’t say for sure that this is exactly what will happen. But one thing is certain – iPad sales numbers can’t lie, they are getting lower. That’s why Apple must do a great job with new, updated versions.

iPad Predictions For 2017