iOS Compatible TenFifteen Sports Smartwatch Phone

TenFifteen F1 Sports Smartwatch Phone

1.3 inch screen on this watch, is large enough, especially with its circular shape. They look stylish on the wrist of just about anyone. The black color that they are offered in, is trendy and fashionable. MTK2503 processor makes the TenFifteen F1 smartwatch fast and powerful, ready to take on just about any task. The screen also provides with a 240 X 240 pixel resolution, that makes all of the images bright and sharp.
32 MB RAM, is fast enough for a smartwatch, to provide with multitasking opportunities. This smartwatch also comes with many different features for full convenience and comfort throughout the everyday life. First of all, you can dial to call different people, or answer a phone call, as well as receive messages, with the insertion of a micro SD card, or connection to your mobile phone. With that being said, it quickly and easily synchronizes all of your messages, calls, and phone book. Listening to music is possible, and enjoying it at any time will not be a hassle.
TenFifteen F1 Sports Smartwatch Phone Heart Rate Monitor
With the 0.3 megapixel camera, you can always take quick and fun selfies. This smartwatch is also a great addition to your active lifestyle. With its different features, you can track your steps with the pedometer, control your heart rate, user a compass or stopwatch, and even record your sleep. 128 MB memory space, will provide with enough storage for it all. 430 mAh battery installed, charges quickly and will provide with plenty of usage time.
TenFifteen F1 smartwatch is a great addition. It will help stay on track of life anywhere that you go. Best of all, the price is affordable, while the watch is made to be long lasting.