Introduction of New Corporate Google Smart Glass

Google smart glasses, or Google Glass, appeared on the market a few years ago and initially attracted a lot of attention from media and the audience. However, the popularity of the device quickly came to naught, and many believed that the project finally died. Nevertheless, Google continued working on this idea and now introduced a Google Smart Glass corporate version of the device called Google Glass Enterprise Edition (EE). And here is a brief review.

According to The Verge, the smart glasses were tested by a number of companies, including Boeing, General Electric and DHL. Now, Google cancelled the non-disclosure agreement and announced the launch of the affiliate program for other companies.

Google Glass EE received a number of differences from the first version of the glasses. For example, the device is equipped with an improved camera (8 MP resolution), a more powerful processor, a bigger battery for more autonomy time, a new Wi-Fi module, and a red indicator that turns on when recording video.

The price of Google Glass EE wasn’t revealed. At the same time, The Verge notes that the device can be a successful assistant for in various workplaces.