Internet Connected Pileus Smart Umbrella

Earlier, we’ve written about Opus One – a smart umbrella that’s connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. But technologies develop and even umbrellas get more innovative. That’s what our following product is all about – innovation and Smart. In this review, we’d like to tell you about Pileus Umbrella.

The Pileus Umbrella is also called the Smart Internet Umbrella. Yes, it’s connected to the Internet but it’s not that simple. Pileus has a lot of features that you wouldn’t see on a regular umbrella. The top surface is fitted with a screen, a camera, GPS and a motion sensor. Using that umbrella in rainy days, you can actually browse the Internet and scroll through the pages. All information is displayed on the downside of the umbrella. So, when it’s raining and you’re feeling depressed, turn on your Pileus and find out all latest news or read an interesting article on-line. To operate all features, you just need to move your wrist of turn the handle in a certain way.

Internet-Connected Umbrella

Besides, due to the built-in camera, you’ll be able to take pictures with an umbrella! That’s pretty hi-tech, we have to admit. The photos are instantly uploaded to Flickr web service. After that, you can enjoy a slide show of your pictures. In addition, there’s an available 3D Map feature. Using GPS, Pileus finds your location and then displays the 3D map of all your surroundings. The map can help you navigate through any city without getting lost.

So, Pileus is one of the most advanced umbrellas there is. Amazing, hi-tech functionality is very helpful. In rainy days, you won’t even have to pull out your smartphone. Instead, you can open your umbrella and lighten up your mood.