Innovative Sunglasses with Integrated Speakers

With the raising popularity of no-headphone-jack trend among smartphone makers, wireless headphones are growing in demand. And there’s a perfectly good reason for it – they are comfortable and don’t get tangled. What’s more, we see even more innovative music devices on the market and one of them is Zungle Panther.

This is a perfect summer accessory for all music enthusiasts – it is a pair of sunglasses equipped with bone conductive speakers. Zungle Panther looks like a regular item but it has a uniquely complicated structure inside. At each end of its legs, there is a speaker which transmits audio to your head via vibrations. In fact, the sound quality can be compared to the best headphones, all due to the Bone Conduction Sound System. Besides, the clever system allows you to hear external noises, for example, a moving car. This makes any outdoor activity a little safer.

Innovative Sunglasses with Integrated Speakers

But how would you operate this device? There are two ways: the touchpad and the smartphone app. The touchpad is located on the right side of the sunglasses and lets the user control playlists. But Zungle Panther connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth, so it comes with the app (available for iOS and Android devices). It is basically your own music station – you choose the playlist, turn it on and enjoy. Also, because it pairs with a smartphone, you can use your own sunglasses to take phone calls and talk to your friends. For that, Zungle Panther is fitted with a noise-cancelling microphone.

Lastly, as any wireless headphones, Zungle Panther has to be regularly charged. For that, there’s a conveniently concealed micro-USB port that charges the 300mAh battery. Although it doesn’t seem like a lot, 4 hours of music are guaranteed.

Zungle Panther isn’t something that you would see every day. However, this is innovation at its best. So, if you’re planning a fun summer trip and you’d like a cool accessory for it, check out Zungle Panther sunglasses with built-in speakers on kickstarter.