Sony Photo-sensor – Innovations for iPhone Camera

Apart from everything else, Sony is also a manufacturer of smartphone components. And it is good that it became one of the main suppliers for Apple. That’s why the latest novelty from Sony sounds so compelling – the Japanese company introduced a new-generation photo-sensor which is able to record video in slow motion at 960 frames per second. The presentation was closed and the information came from the consulting company Nikkei Technology.

Considering the bond between Sony and Apple, the new sensor is rumoured to be the base for cameras in the next-generation iPhones. This Sony invention will definitely move photography and video recording at a higher level. The CEO of Sony mentioned that their sensor will be an exceptional solution for smartphones. However, he didn’t share any comments on the shipment dates.

In case if this sensor does appear in new iPhones, it’s going to be one of their highlights. The renovated camera can be certainly added to the list of possible iPhone features, like OLED frameless display, on-screen fingerprint sensor, and so on. Anyway, one thing is for sure – cameras are being pushed away from the market by smartphones and this tendency can’t be stopped.