What Influencer Marketing Is?

Some of our readers may have heard the term Influencer Marketing Blog. Some people may have even used it in practice. Although this expression has the word “marketing” in it, it’s closer to PR specialists rather than economists. Today, we’re going to shed some light onto this interesting strategy.

Influencer marketing is a way of promoting certain products and services using thought leaders. These so-called thought leaders act as main influencers. It can be a famous pop star or a video streamer on YouTube. Actually, influencers can be different whether it’s a person, a group of people with common interests, a brand, a company, and so on. Main examples of modern thought leaders are video bloggers or other celebrities that use social media.

Basically, famous people and companies use different platforms for product promotion. Influencer marketing takes various forms, such as sponsor posts in blogs, creating content by though leaders or spreading content via social networking websites. These strategies proved to be quite effective. According to AdWeek, almost 70% of brands use influencer marketing in one or the other way for their purposes. What’s more, more than a half (52%) of companies even have a special budget assigned for this type of marketing.

The biggest advantage of influencer marketing is that it doesn’t look like advertisement. People are more likely to believe their favourite celebrities without even knowing them personally. When a famous singer says or shows that he/she likes some clothing item, the demand on this particular item will for sure increase. Now, even small business owners use media influencers to attract attention to their products. That way, companies target the right kind of consumers, the one that are actually interested.

2017 witnessed a huge growth in this type of marketing. But this is only the beginning of a big shift towards personal branding. In the future, more companies will use influencers as thought leaders to have broader audiences and bigger sales.