Incredible Wireless Jive TWS Earbuds

The latest Apple’s smartphone iPhone 7 has started the no-3.5-headphone-jack trend. Now we hear more and more news about upcoming phones form big brands which will have the same feature. There’s already a big demand on adapters and we can expect soon the appearance of various wireless earphones. We’ve all heard about AirPods but is there a cheaper option? Yes, there is and in this review we’re gonna tell you about it.

The company Jive Creative is currently raising money to launch the mass production of Jive TWS Wireless Earbuds. This mobile accessory is actually very interesting. There are two small, portable earbuds which fit your ears perfectly and don’t fall out. The sleek design is complemented with a tube that serves as a wireless charger for the earbuds. Just turn on Bluetooth on your phone (any phone), select TWS earbuds, press the button on one of the earbuds and the music is on. When fully charged, they can provide 6 hours of non-stop audio playback.

The compact, bean-like size doesn’t mean bad sound. Even savvy music enthusiasts will be pleasantly surprised with the high sound quality at any volume. Plus, the earphones are pretty good at noise cancelling.

So, Jive TWS are perfect for a great and tangle-free music experience. They work with any smartphone or tablet and produce satisfactory sound. To back the product, visit their Kickstarter webpage.

Wireless Jive TWS Earbuds

Wireless Jive TWS Earbuds