Compact Travel Roller Luggage

The first thing you think about when you’re planning a trip is where you’ll put all your stuff. That’s why every traveler needs is a spacious suitcase. Fortunately, there is no lack of them on the market. Unfortunately, such abundant choice may confuse beginners. But why not rely on famous and tried-and-true brands? Let’s take Incase, for example. Apart from mobile accessories, this company makes top-quality traveling products. And one of the best selling Compact Travel Roller Luggage is the Incase Suitcase our review.

Incase Kaskade Suitcase for Pro-Travelers

This is Kaskade Carryon, a suitcase from a new accessory collection by Incase. Actually, the company collaborated with a famous DJ Kaskade and created an ultimate selection for active people. Carryon is a true pearl of this collection. First of all, the suitcase has a very sturdy construction. Everything about Carryon is designed for reliability and long service time. The exterior is made of durable nylon, the side panels are heavy-duty and so is the moulded rear shell. In short, Carryon will pass all tests including the most important one – the test of time.

Compact Travel Roller Luggage

Inside the suitcase, you’ll find enough space for your entire luggage. In fact, Carryon allows you to be a bit more practical and organize your essentials better. There are two inner mesh and neoprene compartments for everything you need. The bigger one serves wonderfully for your clothes while the smaller one fits more compact essentials, like mobile devices or books. Besides, the compartments are zippered, which gives even more protection to your belongings.

Although this is a spacious suitcase, it’s still quite portable. This is a stroller, so it has two wheels and an extendable handle. Plus, there are two handles on top and on the side for carrying the suitcase while walking on stairs or lifting it.

So, Incase Kaskade Carryon has virtually everything that even a pro-traveler could wish for. Whenever you feel the urge to take a trip, grab that suitcase and you’ll have space for all the clothes, shoes, souvenirs, and so on.