Best Selling Inbike Waterproof Wireless Bicycle Computer

INBIKE IN321 Bicycle Computer would ensure that you get better with every race. It will provide you with all the essential data to be able to become more effective and efficient during trainings without harming your health. You will know precisely when to go faster and when to have a small rest. The bike computer is portable and can be easily mount on the handle. Furthermore, with a full waterproof design it would suit cyclists in any country.

Inbike Bicycle Computer 2

Additionally, the mode touch control makes it possible to operate the gadget even while biking. The computer, though, can also be used during other activities such as hiking or climbing. This is due to the detachable design and a special wrist strap that comes with it. It will output the most important info such as speed, pace, time, regardless of the activity you take. Be flexible but stay active.


  • Clock
  • EL backlight
  • Avarage speed
  • Riding time
  • Total distance / total ODO
  • Stop Watch
  • Metric / imperial alternative
  • Riding speed
  • Max speed
  • Riding distance

Inbike Bicycle Computer 1

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Waterproof Wireless Bicycle Computer