Tesla Competitor Coming soon – Porsche Electric Car 2019

More and more world-famous automobile companies are trying their best to make the most advanced electric car. Earlier, we wrote about Aston Martin and now we’re gonna talk about Porsche. The German car company already announced its electric vehicle. The Mission E in 2015 with plans to start the mass production in 2020. Fortunately, the news are even more optimistic –Tesla competitor Porsche Electric Car will start selling The Mission E a year earlier, in 2019.

Just like other cars from the Porsche line-up, this one is a true luxury. It’s an electric-engine four-seater that produces 600 bhp and goes from 0 to 100kmh in just 3.5 seconds. The top speed of The Mission E is 249kmh. But most importantly, the battery in this car charges just as fast as it drives. In only 15 minutes, the battery can reach 80% of the charge which gives the car the range of 400km. That’s not far from the maximum range of The Mission E – 435km.

The new Porsche electro-car is considered to be the main competitor of Tesla Model S. According to Oliver Blume, President of Porsche, The Mission E will cost $80 000, which is a bit more than Tesla Model S but less than many other Porsche cars. In any case, 2019 will show us if The Mission E lives up to all expectations.