Intelligent ILIFE V7S Pro Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The smart vacuum cleaner is featured by new upgraded version of the water tank equipped with the pump to control drip. The robot will stop leaking when it stops to make sure it can mop effectively. Moreover, the software is upgraded as compared to the previous generation while algorithm is optimized to improve the recharge rate. The smart cleaner is also equipped with IR sensors at the bottom that detect the high gap and avoid the dropping. Additionally, the robot will change the directions automatically, so it is very convenient. With the professional anti-collision system, the smart robotic cleaner effectively protects your furniture. The run time is 140 minutes meaning it is good for big houses too.
ILIFE V7S Pro Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
To improve cleaning experience, the robot also has several cleaning modes. First, it can perform wet or dry cleaning depending on what you prefer. Then, you can choose from a range of 4 diverse modes: automatic cleaning mode, border cleaning mode, concentration cleaning mode, and reservation cleaning mode. Therefore, you have a lot of choice, so the smart robot would be able to address your unique needs. The smart cleaner is also featured by automatic self-recharge to bring you even more satisfaction. It is suitable for any environment, just try it out and you will see for yourself.
ILIFE V7S Pro Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, featured by a large water tank, intelligent drop avoidance sensors, professional anti-collisions system as well as 4 different cleaning modes will ensure that your house stays clean all the time. Additionally, the robot will not damage any of your precious furniture. You are treated to an amazing user experience.

ILIFE V7S Pro Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner,
Intelligent Home Cleaning Robotic Gadget,
600Pa suction power, Automatic self recharge

ILIFE intelligent Robotic Vacuum Cleaner