ilife Mop And Vacuum Robot With LCD Display

Our current lifestyle is a bit frantic and almost too fast for us to bear sometimes. Therefore, we come up with new things that would save our time. Ilife V8S Robotic Mop and Vacuum Cleaner is certainly such an invention. In the review, we will briefly outline the main features of the gadget.

Ilife V8S Robotic Vacuum Cleaner APP control

The mop cleaner is featured by a 750ML big dustbin to allow for greater efficiency and less hassle. Additionally, the robot has two cleaning patterns, that is vacuuming and mopping. Therefore, your house would be cleaner due to advanced functionality of the smart gadget. The smart vacuum cleaning robot is equipped with I-move. This is a mode when the cleaner mops the floor with invisible barriers. Therefore, you will be able to set areas that you need to clean. Additionally, it has a smart cleaning system which corrects cleaning path, achieving maximum coverage in less time. And due to smart sensors, the cleaner will stay away from stairs and avoid falling.

Ilife V8S Robotic Vacuum Cleaner large dustbin

The smart vacuum cleaner has 6 cleaning modes to suit different needs. Furthermore, due to advanced i-Dropping mopping system, the smart gadget will be able to control the amount of water dropping to prevent floor and cable damages. With the multi-task schedule feature, you can set the gadget to clean any time of day and any day of the week. LCD display and mechanical keys make the interface user-friendly while the remote control makes it possible to operate the home cleaning gadget from the sofa. It is extremely convenient as you do not need to interrupt your current activity to deal with the cleaner.

Ilife V8S Robotic Vacuum Cleaner big water tank

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The robot vacuum cleaner works up to 120 minutes but you do not have to worry about the working times as it would recharge on the docking station automatically as it senses that the battery is running low. Finally, the robot will be able to work in narrow spaces due to slim design. The smart Ilife V8S Robotic Mop and Vacuum Cleaner will certainly help you and save you a lot of time that you can spend with your loved ones.

Ilife V8S Robotic Vacuum Cleaner LED display