Motion Detection Night Vision Smart Digital Baby Monitor

This smart digital baby monitor is offered on the market in a white color. Dimensions of this baby monitor are 11.70 x 11.70 x 15.10 cm, with the weight being only 500 grams. This makes it compact and portable, easy to install and move around. The entire package itself consists of the indoor camera, a power adapter, one user manual, and a usb cable.
Images and videos with this camera are sure to be 1080 pixels HD, which makes them sharp, clear and bright. One convenient feature of this baby monitor, that parents come to love, is that it can turn 360 degrees and even tilt 110 degrees. It does it smoothly and captures every detail in the room. Night vision is also possible with great quality, as well as motion detection. You can also zoom in for a better view.
iBaby M6S Smart Digital Baby Monitor
Two way audio makes it possible for the parents and child to communicate at any time. Other features are also provided, such as playing lullabies and audio stories from the music library, recording your voice and replaying it, as well as much more.
Sensors are installed, that provide with information on the temperature and humidity in the room, so that your child has the greatest air. One of the best features, is that it supports dual band router of 2.4GHz and 5.0 GHz, which makes it possible to connect the camera to your mobile device for controlling, viewing and receiving all notifications. Setting this camera up takes less than 60 seconds of your time.
iBaby m6s smart digital baby monitor is offered for a medium price, that is still rather reasonable. It is high quality, providing with a clear view of your child. This is much needed for parents, to have a calm feeling that their child is safe and sound.

iBaby M6S Smart Digital Baby Monitor, two way audio
Full HD video, Night Vision + Motion Detection

iBaby M6S Smart Baby Monitor