Portable Hydro-Electric Travel Washing Machine

Portable Travel Washing Machine

The ultrasonic portable washing machine is also reusable and eco-friendly. Traditional washing machine cleans 1KG of clothes with 20 liters on average, while the portable ultrasonic machine washes the same amount with less than 3 liters. Additionally, you do not need to apply any detergent to disinfect the clothes due to bactericidal effect of the portable machine. Additionally, the ultrasonic machine significantly reduces the washing time to just 20 min per 1 KG.
Therefore, it would be especially suitable for young families with small children who value speed. The portable machine is also featured by wide applicability: you can take it with you to another country, wash your foods, clean your clothes. It works with almost anything. Finally, the machine is very quiet when it operates, you will not hear anything.
Portable hydro-electric Washing Machine
The product dimensions are 4 x 2.9 x 1 inches, so it would even fit in a trousers pocket. It comes with a resolver and controller, a power adapter, and instructions. Therefore, you can start using it straight away.
This Washwow Portable Washer Machine will make you life more convenient and easy. With its anti-bacteria technology, fast and eco-friendly way of washing, and wide applicability, this washing machine would be irreplaceable in most households who value their time.

Portable hydro-electric Travel Washing Machine
Eco-friendly design, disinfect sterilization

Portable hydro-electric Travel Washing Machine