Very Innovative Hy Wireless Earphones

While the world is waiting for the release of AirPods, more and more similar earphones appear on the Internet. What’s more is that some of them are better than Apple creation in many key points. For example, British company Third Skin created their version of wireless earphones, called Hy, which seems to be a very promising product.

This accessory is worth our attention for many features. Firstly, the earphones are almost invisible, they can only be seen from the side. The headphone body is attached behind your ears, while a flexible cable leads inside the ear. The sound comes from hybrid dynamics which provide clear and powerful sound. By the way, dynamics are responsible only for middle and high frequencies. Bass is created by two Piezo elements and transmitted directly through skull bones.

Wireless Earphones

The most functional feature of the Hy is two 260mAh batteries which allow you to listen to music for 18 hours. That is much more than any other similar product on the market, even AirPods can’t last that long. The earphones are easily connected via Bluetooth to any mobile device, whether it’s an iPhone, Android smartphone or any tablet.

The earphones are also fitted with a very helpful noise cancellation system. Moreover, they have built-in sensors to measure your temperature, heart rate and other health indicators and a microphone for conversations with your friends.

In general, Hy looks like a very innovative device. With all its features it’s likely to become a best-seller. To support the product now, visit this Kickstarter webpage. By the way, if you order the device now, it will cost you £119.