Best Selling Humixx 360° Magnetic Phone Car Mount

Smartphones are ubiquitous and we need them to be present in almost every aspect of our life. Of course, including the time when we are driving the car. We need smartphones to navigate, to check traffic jams and even stream the music. However, this is impossible to do unless you have a reliable and functional phone holder. This is exactly what Humixx Magnetic Smartphone Car Mount Phone Holder is. The car mount is put on the air vent with easily adjustable silicone clip. It reliably holds the car mount in place ensuring that even bad roads will not let it fall out. It is simple to mount, not at all rocket science, so you will be able to put it even when driving.

Humixx Magnetic Phone Car Mount 2

The product features a minimalistic, sleek, and modern design. It will fit car interior even when not used. The head of the mount can turn 360 degrees around giving you a lot of freedom in how to adjust the gadget. The head is also where the powerful Neodymium magnet is hidden. It is really strong, while checking out the item, I ‘glued’ to metal surfaces a couple of times. So, your phone will also not fall.

Humixx Magnetic Phone Car Mount 5

In order to use the mount, you will just need to use a special metal plate. This is needed in order to ensure that the magnet works. There are two ways to do it. Firstly, the plate can be sticked to the smartphone directly with the help of the transparent sticker that comes with mount. This will protect your phone from the glue and damages. Secondly, you can put the plate inside the case. For this method, there is a bigger plate with wider contact area to ensure that it securely holds in place. Please, note, that the case must be thinner than 0.5mm. Otherwise, stick it directly on the case.

Humixx Magnetic Phone Car Mount 4

Another important thing, you will need to remove that plate every time you recharge your smartphone wirelessly. It is also good news, because it means that this sticker can be removed without damaging the phone (as long as you used the transparent sticker, of course). The metal plates are sold on its own – you can get a new one once you used up all the ones you have currently.

Finally, the car mount features universal compatibility. It will suit absolutely any smartphones, GPS, or music players which are under 6.2 inch. So, it means whether you have an iPhone X, iPhone 8, or Samsung Galaxy S9 or S8, you will still be able to use the device without any issues or problems.

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And another cool advantage, the car mount comes with a 18-month warranty. So, you can be sure that this gadget is of really great quality. The Humixx car mount is a powerful gadget that will simplify the way you behave in your car. And also provide you with security regarding your smartphone and a lot of satisfaction.