Humixx Hands Free Wireless Headset With Mini Charging Stand

Talking on the phone is something we all do, all the time and everywhere. We all know that safety is the most important thing. In order to continue talking on our mobile devices, and protect ourselves, a Bluetooth Wireless Headset is a vital item. There is truly a wide variety on the market. Some prefer regular headphones with a microphone build in, and others want a real headset. In that case, we have the perfect item to take a look at. In this review, we will observe the specs and features of the Humixx Wireless Bluetooth Headset with Mini Charging Stand for Car and Desk.

Humixx Hands Free Wireless Bluetooth Headset

This Humixx wireless Bluetooth headset is made to provide users with sharp and high definition sound, that is crisp and clear. This wireless headset has Qualcomm wireless 4.1 built into it, which is made to provide one with such strong and stable connection and wonderful signal. This car hands free headset can be paired from a distance of up to 33 meters away. Which is more than most wireless headsets have!

Humixx Hands Free Wireless Headset

This car wireless headset is made to be compatible with just about any device that you own, that is Bluetooth enabled, which is rather universal actually. As well as all that, the piece is made to have CVC smart noise reduction technology. With the car wireless Bluetooth headset all foreign, environmental and background noise will be cancelled out, for a natural and focused phone conversation.

Best of all, is the design of this Humixx headset. First of all, the headpiece is very small and compact. The weight of it is made to be just 9 grams, so you will not even feel it when wearing it. The entire body is made out of trendy and durable aluminum allow material and overall is very ergonomic. The package also includes earbuds in the M and L size, for your preference and full convenience.

Humixx Hands Free car Bluetooth Headset

Since this Bluetooth headset is fully wireless, it has a powerful and long-lasting battery. The lithium ion battery is made to offer the user 5 hours of music or talking time, which is more than enough for many. When you need to charge it, place it onto the magnetic charging station to power it back up for more usage time.

Humixx Hands Free Bluetooth Headset

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There is even a Humixx Talk multiuse feature, where you can connect with two active Bluetooth device of your choice. You will always know what the battery status is and connection, with the Voice announcement function of this device. With all that being said, when you are not talking on the phone with the wireless headset, you can use it for different music listening, receiving all sorts of GPS directions, podcast and other streams right into your ear.

This Humixx Wireless Headset is a great item for hands free talking on your mobile device, as well as enjoyment of other media. Stay focused on the road or any other task and always be safe! This item is currently being offered for the best price and can be recommended for its features and high quality!

Humixx Car Wireless Headset, Bluetooth Hands-free Earbuds
with Wireless charging Station

Humixx Car Wireless Bluetooth Headset