Huion Digital Drawing Tablet FHD Graphic Design Pad

The main features of the graphics tablet include its interactive display with 21.5-inch IPS LCD widescreen in perfect 16:9 ratio and 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution. This allows for a sharp, large, full, and vivid image display as well as perfect and convenient size. However, to ensure higher color recognition, the digital drawing tablet is also featured by 72% NTSC color gamut plus 1000:1 contrast ratio which allows the display to present 16.7 million colors vividly. Due to 233PPS report rate and 5080LPI resolution, the tablet allows for faster recognition and better display effect during your work. Built-in 80mAh Li-ion battery will provide steady power for you. It may not seem a lot, however, considering that drawing tablets are very efficient in power usage, this capacity will allow for long hours of work. Due to high-performance operating core, the expected response time is 14ms.

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Huion GT Digital Drawing Tablet
The graphics tablet, undoubtedly, comes with a sensitive and high-performance pen. This amazing gadget features the pen that has 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity and a comfortable ergonomic design for greater convenience in use. Finally, the digital tablet is equipped with the multiple angles adjustable stand, both sturdy and reliable, that can be adjusted to 15 – 85 degrees. It is flexible enough to provide you with ultimate comfort while working.
This Huion GT V2 Digital Drawing Tablet Graphic Design Pad featured by high performance operating core, great resolution, colorful, and wide screen as well as sensitive and reliable pen, will be able to deliver ultimate quality and comfort.

Huion GT – 220 V2 Digital Drawing Tablet,
21.5″ Full HD IPS LCD screen, 72% NTSC

Huion GT - 220 V2 Drawing Tablet