Perfect Personal Health Tracker Huawei B3 Smart Bracelet

huawei b3 smart bracelet Health tracker band
As well as all that, this smart band is fully waterproof, so no weather condition can prevent you from wearing it. It has many wonderful features to help you live a more active and healthier life style. For example, the fitness tracker automatically changes different modes depending on your activity, such as walking mode, execution mode, slow walk, climb, and more. It even has a sleeping mode to track the amount of hours and the quality of your sleep.
For even more convenient and comfortable way of tracking, one can connect their smart band to their smartphone device through the “Huawei Device” app and Bluetooth. Once that is done, one can even use functions such as “Find Phone” or even receive phone and message reminders. It also has a built in remote camera! To provide with smooth usage, this band has a ROM of 512K and a RAM of 128 KB. 91 mAh li-ion battery charges fully in about two hours, and last for plenty of time.
Huawei B3 smart band is very trendy and comfortable. It will help you stay on top of your lifestyle, and always track your progress! Best of all, it is offered for a decent price on the market!

Personal Health Tracker Huawei B3 Smart Bracelet
for iOS and Android Phones

Huawei B3 Smart Bracelet for fitness