HP Powerup Built-in Battery Backpack

Every day we carry around a few gadgets such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. Sooner or later, all of them run out of battery. Since this may happen in the most inappropriate moment, you always need an outlet at hand. However, this is impossible if you lead an active way of life and spend much time outdoors. HP Powerup Backpack can solve this problem.

The bag comes equipped with a built-in battery. A single charge will be enough to recharge your laptop, tablet up to 3 times, and smartphone up to 9 times on the go. It doesn’t allow simultaneous charging; however, you can choose the order in which your gadgets will be recharged.

HP Powerup Backpack on-the-go

Even though the battery isn’t compatible with USB-C devices, it works great with iPhones and iPads. Take note that there is no HD laptop power adapter included, so you will have to buy it separately. You shouldn’t worry about your gadgets getting overheated while being recharged as there is a built-in heat sensor that will protect them.

The backpack is pretty capacious. It comes with a few compartments for the battery, power adapter, and all of your gadgets along with other essentials. Moreover, there are many holes and loops for you to keep your cables well-organized. It withstands light snow and rain. In showery weather, use a rain cover.