How to Successfully Sell on Amazon with Minimum Investments

I will start off with the fact, that this article should first of all be interesting to those who sell products on Amazon and other online stores (Geekbuying, Gearbest, Banggood, Aliexpress, Ebay, etc.), or those who are planning to sell. Maybe you have come up with some new products, started a new brand, or picked up something ready from the manufacturer and want to bring it out onto the market under your brand with the design of the existing product, or with addition of new features.

No matter what, the main questions is, how to successfully sell on Amazon with minimum investments. The product can be a gadget, backpack, Smart Home device, or a mobile accessory, and it is vital that it is consumer oriented. Of course, Amazon has everything, but not everyone has the proper and optomised description or even title of the product.

And so, we will look at the main methods of moving forward, that are popular for those who are selling their products or services on Amazon or other online stores, and will analyze their efficiency. Surely, we will recommend the way that are the most effective in promoting your products on the internet, and great sales on online stores.

How to Successfully Sell on Amazon

First of all, we will ask ourselves, what do we want?

Sell the item, or make your brand well known and popular, which will also have many sales. In the long run of course, it is important to promote brand awareness and visibility on the internet.

It has become popular, to make reviews, and many ask that it need to be done right on the Amazon website, and not on different side resources. Surely, this brakes Amazon’s rules, but mostly that is what’s done. Many are ready to send their product to different bloggers, in order to receive a free review.

We ask ourselves “Why?”, and the answer is simple. On different side resources, publishing your review is extremely costly, and not all are effective. Yes, there are websites which are visited by millions of people, but not all visitors will read your article, unless it is published on the main page such as CNET, Theverge, Techradar and so on. If your product is 40 dollars or 50, and sometimes even less, then your budget will not allow you to publish it on different popular websites or blogs for a high price.

Social Media

Yes! You will say, and everyone knows it, that there are popular bloggers who receive many likes, but wait, will they all see your product? And will those who see your product be interested? Facebook is not a market, but only a platform. It is like we watch a movie, but we are not those who does the acting. It is a whole different thing, if the product or its advertisement can capture the attention, but agree that happens rarely. Especially, that the item published on social media is like a flash, where the light turns on, and in some time, turns off and is not seen.

Of course, your own Facebook or Twitter page is better, since there are your own followers, and they will see what you have published. Yes, this is effective, with many different transitions. In this case, you need to promote your channel, and this is not easy and not fast, or you can turn to those who are already well known. But what are the chances, that the visitor will purchase what you are offering? All while this is a one-time promotion on Facebook or Twitter, and if you are lucky then your post will be reposted, or liked and recommended (which is also rare), and the efficiency is momentarily.

About authority websites (not stores)

Even well-known websites, when making an article try to insert all sorts of links to different articles on their site. Perhaps, in order to raise their own rating.

Followed that, reading an interesting article, turns into clicking on different links inside. You go to read an article, and see a link, surely you want to click on it to check it out, “maybe there is something interesting”. This, on my example, surely is uncomfortable when reading an interesting article, even on high-rate websites. Of course, that is not about all, but many. Links inside the website, has become popular, but truly inconvenient for readers.

What to do?

And so, I am sure that it is necessary to approach the question in a balanced-out way. Learn more, describe not only product details, but all of its pros and cons, write about your brand, what your team does, what are the teams advantages or your developed unique features and so on.

After that, search for interesting resources and then publish of your articles on them. Preferably, of a noncommercial content, so that will be interesting for a regular reader. It is not recommended, to insert links of authority websites with the goal of placing your website or product next to a “cool” one, will raise the rating, or will make it seem on google that it is not an advertisement.

Everything is simple

You describe the item and everything around it, adding some sort of comparison and some advice on how to use the item, in what cases or situations, and when it might be needed. You need to tell about the price, and explain why your product is expensive, what technologies are used, or about the design and materials (if it is high quality). If the product is not expensive, then it is necessary to orient the reader that although it is not pricy, it is of high quality. However, make sure not to provide the reader with false information. If the product will serve less, it is best to write so.

What do we get from posting such a broad interesting article on the internet?

Search engines, first of all Google, will surely see the article and people in search of something interesting will find your post in the Google or other search engines search results. Even better, if those who were searching for the item, see it.


Don’t forget about key words (better to use those that are of low or medium regularity) It is vital to optimize your articles, so that they are easy and comfortable to read. As well as that, I do not recommend publishing them on websites where often pop-up windows such as “subscribe to our site” or “become our follower” are present. Also, readers become frustrated when the webpage has “Google Adsence”. I think websites that have a lot of commercials only lessen the number of visitors, since it becomes obvious that the owner wants to make money off of everything. It is similar to when you enter a restaurant, and there they offer you to drink some wine. Agree, you will not like it if you are offered something that you did not come for. Even worse, if it is offered not only one time, but many times. Same thing with websites. Try not to post where there are many different advertisements, or the need to sign up for emails, or click on the banner and so on.

Choose a right source

Write a good article about your product, brand, or startup. Share it in different sources including social media. Even if the efficiency of the social media is low, considering “will buy-won’t buy”, visits of your article will raise the rating and I am sure your item will sooner or later achieve popularity. Don’t wait for magic or a sudden effect.
Focus on those who Searched > Found > Clicked > Bought. It’s core of content marketing.