How to Prepare Your Car for Road Trip Like a Pro?

There is no feeling that comes as natural as wanderlust. Leaving your comfort zone and heading out into the great unknown with nothing but the clear sky above you and an open road ahead does sound poetic. Even though this is true, the flight companies, trains and busses have robbed the act of traveling of its most valuable trait – self-reliance. What you need is to be in control of your own commute – where, how and when you’re going. Needless to say, this is something that only a road trip can provide. Here are few ideas on how to prepare for it like a pro.

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Bring a Spy Cam 

One of the first things you may want to bring along on a road trip is a spy camera for cars. There are several reasons why this is necessary. First, you never know what might occur on the road, so you need something to serve as a proof of your innocence. Second, footage collected this way can be a great memento of your trip in the years to come. This way, you can relive some of the most fun parts of your trip.

Stay on the Grid 

Even though the point of heading out on a road trip is to reconnect with nature, you really gain nothing from putting yourself in danger. To stay safe during the entire trip, you may want to bring your phone along with a useful car mobile accessory kit. This way, you will be connected to people back home, have a map and GPS applications on your hands and even keep the privilege of asking Google for help if the need arises. Naturally, you must also remember to bring a car charger for your phone, since feature-heavy travel apps can drain the battery in no time.

Car for Road Trip Like a Pro

Check Your Car 

Finally, keep in mind that even the tiniest fault on your vehicle can prove serious when you are out in the middle of the nowhere. Sure, bringing some extra oil, antifreeze (depending on the season) and tire changing kit solves some of the simpler problems, but some of the greater issues you won’t be able to fix on your own. First things first, you need to make sure your car wheels and tyres are in perfect condition, especially if you expect to encounter unfavorable road conditions on your trip. For all these reasons, it might be for the best to simply hire a professional mechanic to take a look at your car a few days before you set out.


While this preparation might seem like a lot of work, with the right organization it can all be done in a few days. In exchange, you get a full reassurance that your safety will not be an issue during this particular trip, as well as the feeling of being protected every step of the way. This alone will allow you to focus on the trip ahead and enjoy it to the fullest without having to hold yourself back.

Article by Peter Minkoff.