How To Make Your Online Shopping Experience Seamless

Last year in March, when all of the brick-and-mortar stores closed, we had to shift to online stores. Since we are not used to online shopping, it was not a pleasant experience for lots, and many rushed back to stores as soon as they opened. But looking at the corona situation, it is better to stick to online shopping, and we are here with some tips and tricks to make your experience better and easier.

What is better than sitting in your bed looking at hundreds of stores ordering everything you want from groceries to clothes, shoes, accessories at the ease of your home and getting them delivered to your place without even having to go out. If you want that, keep on reading, and we will tell you how to make this experience simpler and more comfortable.

Online Shopping Experience


With the perks of online shopping comes a downside: you will find many scams on the internet. That is why most people avoid shopping online but do not worry because we will tell you how to dodge these scammers. Firstly, when you shop from a website, there is a bar of reviews; click that and read the top reviews to see the brand’s general reputation. You will get an idea of what the brand stands for do not buy anything without reading reviews.

Suppose you are not buying from a website, but a social media page, i.e., Facebook and Instagram, and you want to purchase jewelry, you have to make sure that the page comments are not turned off because most people review the products there. If the page is legit, they will have a reviews section, and you can read reviews about the quality of the jewelry and all of the other information you need.

Please do not rely on the number of followers a page has, they can buy followers, but they can only forge so many reviews. If they only have 6-7 reviews and your instinct says it’s a scam, it probably is.


When you are shopping online, you have to keep in mind that most brands have their apps. So, if you want to shop from a specific brand, go and google and see what websites, apps, social media accounts they have. Do your research chances are you will find a discount code on their app. When you sign up for their app, most brands offer a certain amount of discount. Discount codes are also available if you follow their social media handles, so keep an eye out and enjoy your experience to the fullest.

If you are not sure what brand you want to buy from, download apps like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Alibaba. These are some of the leading apps with many brands available and have many sales going on. So, if you think you need to add to your jewelry collection, all you have to do is go and type jewelry in the search bar, and you will get hundreds of options of stores and independent retailers, and you can choose for yourself from there but do not forget to read the reviews!


When you reach the payment point, make sure you order from a store that has flexible payment methods. If a store is only allowing advance payment and has many unnecessary charges added to your order, avoid that. Secondly, avoid online transactions and go for payment on delivery.

With online transactions, sometimes there is an issue with the internet connection or a technical glitch, and the sum is debited from your account. Still, it is never credited to the seller’s account. Emailing them and then waiting for their reply is a lot of hassle, so avoid that to make your experience more carefree.


After placing an order, most websites tell you how long it will take your order to deliver. Sometimes it is 3-4 days, which is fine, but sometimes it tells you the delivery can take up to 2-3 weeks. Now there is no way to make sure you will be home after 2-3 weeks, even if you’re not out of town. You can never decide when your parcel will arrive, and you can be out of the house at that time.

For that, some websites give you an option of additional notes. In those additional notes, you can add the hours when you will be home to get the parcel delivered in the specific time slot, but that is a lot of hassle for the delivery companies, so they might not listen to you. What you can do is ask them to drop the parcel at your neighbor’s place if you are not home.


In this fast-paced world where our lives have gotten way busier, taking time out for shopping and then going to different stores is time-consuming and very tiring. Online shopping is fun and relaxing. You do not have to take extra time out for this. You can just be chilling on a Saturday afternoon and order everything you want all while you are getting a nice pedicure, enjoying your music. Do not stress about your groceries either. You can simply order your groceries on apps like meal board.  For electronic devices, you no longer have to go to the other end of the city and worry about getting scammed. Everything is only a click away, and you get all the specifications of the devices written on the side. It’s time for you to shift to online shopping and save your time!