How to Make an Android Smartphone Work Faster?

All mobile devices are gradually getting filled with unnecessary content or, in other words, trash. This, of course, leads to various productivity problems. Android smartphones are no exception. In fact, many users complain about how slow Android is. But OS may not be the problem. Usually, it’s the user who clutters a smartphone with unnecessary stuff. And if you feel like your phone is really slowing down, it’s time to take action. Here are a few simple tips on how to speed up an Android smartphone.

1. Delete all apps that you don’t use or use rarely. No matter how much you to want to hang on to a certain app, you have to delete it. Just ask a simple question – have you used this app often in the last month. If not, it’s time to let go. Plus, it is much more convenient to download the app every time you need it, especially if you don’t use it regularly;

2. Delete unnecessary photos and videos in the gallery. You can either send them to the cloud via Google Photos or just save them on your memory flash;

3. Go through your files and delete unnecessary folders, downloaded files or files that you transferred to the device’s memory earlier;

4. Don’t install cleaning or RAM saving apps. Instead of doing their job, they only slow a smartphone down. The cache can be deleted without any outside help – through memory settings;

5. Remove all widgets from the desktop – they seriously hamper the system;

If there are too many problems, a full reset of settings would be an ideal option. But before doing that, it’s important to do some preparations: sync the contact list with your Google account, export your SMS messages to the mail for later recovery, save all photos and videos in the cloud, try to remember the passwords to your social networks accounts, activate the chat synchronization in messengers. After all these manipulations, you can do a complete reset of settings. And your phone will work as if it were new.