How to Create a Smartphone Cover

It may be surprising to some people that a lot of famous and not so famous brands design simple or complicated structure cases for iPhone, Samsung and other mobile devices.

In this short article we would like to provide more about “motivations” for those who are interested in accessory business with their own brand. It might be interesting to know how easily you can create and manufacturing of a plastic cover for smartphones or any other digital devices.

But now, let’s go back to the first point. The main reason is that the case for a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop whether it’s a popular MacBook or any other device, is very easy to create. Plus, the price of the case won’t depend on the price of the device it was made for. So, how do you create plastic cases? There are a few steps:

1) After the device has been chosen, it gets scanned for creating a graphic design of the cover. Scanning will probably cost you 200-300$ and it’ll take a couple of days.

2) Then, a plastiс injection mold is made. For that you have to choose an molding factory. Depending on the complexity and size of the device, such tooling costs from 3000$ to 10000$.

3) Next – placing the order in the plastic injection factory. For one colour you will need to order at least 2000 pieces. That is related to the minimum capacity of loaded material into the injection machine.

4) After that, the surface must be coated: shiny, glossy or matt touch feeling (so called rubber coating). Or you can produce transparent cases. Also, based on the design, the surface might have different texture.

5) Next step – a logo is put on. Usually it’s silk print.

6) Lastly, the drawn design of the package is printed and the cases are packed. After that, they are ready to go on the shelves of the stores.

In general, that’s the whole procedure and, as you can see, creating plastic cases of your own design is pretty simple. Unlike leather covers, plastic cases are somehow unique because everybody can make his own shape, design or drawing on the case which makes the case distinctive from any other ones on the market. But still, a case is only a case, they are mostly similar in terms of functionality and technical features.

So, if you have your own not so big chain stores or you’re a distributor, you have a demand and you’d like to create your brand, you can start by ordering plastic cases for any mobile devices. There are no risks here and these accessories are always popular mostly because of their low cost-price. If you have any questions or comments, we’d be happy to answer you.

Tablet Case, plastic

Tablet Case, plastic