How to Connect Android Phone to Your Car

Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply connect your Android phone to your car and never worry about losing the cable again? AAWireless is one of the best solutions to help you with that. This device is a wireless Bluetooth car kit that lets anyone easily and conveniently connect their Android phone to their car, no matter what make or model they have.

The AAWireless Android Auto receiver is a wireless receiver for all your car’s needs. It can connect to your Android phone, bringing you the latest in hands-free technology. It’s compatible with any vehicle that has an Bluetooth connectivity. It also supports steering wheel controls, making it easy to control your music when driving.


The AAWireless receiver will turn your dull drive into an exciting one. With voice commands, you can access all of your favorite apps and phone features without taking your hands off the wheel. It’s also easy to install, so don’t worry about getting out of the car to set it up!

AAWireless provides a simple and affordable way to integrate wireless Android Auto, that will ensure you have crystal clear sound and a seamless connection with your phone at all times. AAWireless is a new device that brings your car into the new era of wireless technology. 

A quick overview of the features

  • Full disassembly 
  • Supports steering wheel control  
  • Compatible with any vehicle 
  • Connects to Android phone 
  • Comes with a wireless receiver

The AAWireless receiver is easy to install, with most people installing it in less than 10 minutes. All you need to do is download the AAWireless app and follow the instructions for your make and model of car. The device will walk you through installation. 

There are a few steps to the installation process: 

  • Connect your Android phone to your car’s Bluetooth. 
  • Plug in the auxiliary cable from the receiver into a 3.5mm input on your vehicle’s audio system. 
  • Plug in the included USB power cable into a cigarette lighter/12 volt accessory plug. 
  • Turn on the AAWireless receiver by pressing down on its rear button for three seconds or until it flashes blue and red lights, then release it. The device will find any nearby phones with AAWireless installed and list them below “Paired Devices.” Select your phone from this list and press “Next” on the app’s menu bar to complete pairing.

How to connect your phone to your car.

Bluetooth will allow you to connect your phone without having to worry about cables. Once connected, you’ll be able to play all of your favorite music through the car stereo without having to use your phone’s speaker. Learn more visiting Indiegogo.