How to Choose The Right Backpack?

Let’s talk about protection for your Mobile and laptop devices – how to choose a backpack that will keep your MacBook or laptop safe while you enjoy active lifestyle. There are several key factors that you should consider while choosing a backpack for your device. First of all it must have a separate padded compartment for your device. Make sure the bottom of your backpack is padded as well. The backpack must be ergonomic. Also pay attention to the quality of materials, including straps material as well as your backpack’s protection against moisture.

Separate compartment is absolutely necessary to insure that your device won’t be thrown around your backpack, colliding with other items you may have inside, while you walk. It secures your laptop in one place and improves its safety.
Secondly your backpack must have reliable padded bottom that will protect the content from shocks. Also if you are planning to carry other items, it also must be able to withstand the stress of extra weight.

Third important moment to consider is the the backpack’s model. There are many different kinds of backpacks available, starting from simple carrying bags to traveling and outdoor backpacks. If we are talking about carrying backpack for your laptop, then your best choice will be a backpack with straight, rigid back lined with padding strips that soften vibrations during walking, as well as prevent your back from sweating. Shoulder strap length is also important, however in most cases they are adjustable.

If the backpack has multilayered structure, that consists from rigid shock proof materials and soft padding on the inside, then it will ensure maximum protection for your laptop in case of an accidental drop or shocks. Additionally, ergonomic backpack allows to distribute the weight properly which would minimize stress on your back and shoulders. Therefore pay extra attention to these pointers while choosing a backpack.

With all said above, there is one more thing that must keep your device safe during rain. It has to be protected from water and moisture. To insure maximum protection from rain it is not enough for it to have mere water resisting properties, but rather water repellent ones. One more required essential feature is an extra water proof flap above the main opening. If it’s there – your device will always be dry.
So, what do we need?

We need a backpack lined with padded strips on the back wall, separate compartment for your laptop, padded bottom and rigid back wall, featuring effective rain protection and ergonomic design. You best choice would be a world known brands like: INCASE, OGIO, COZISTYLE, TUMI etc… If your backpack is also equipped with an anti-theft protection, then it is your best choice not only for everyday use, but also for commuting and traveling.