How to Build Robots

How to Build Robots ? We think about robots in the global meaning but actually simple disposable robots can be very useful for example if you need to penetrate or go through something small and tiny. No sense to create expensive robots but to use simple wire mechanism can help. It works by bending wire that already has motors attached into different shapes. When the job is done the robot can simply be flattened and fed back into the system to be recycled into a new type of robot. From wire to a finished product in less than 13 minutes.

The system which creates robots learns, gradually improving the design, so in the end it will make a robot that meets all requirements.  If you need a robot that can fit through a small space or around an odd-shaped corner, you input those constraints into the software and it will deliver something suitable.

The idea could be useful for space missions and robots can replace different bots.

Now scientists think how to augment the robots with sensors, like cameras or microphones.