How iPhone 8 Will Influence Android Smartphones

Although it may sound too obvious and even show-off, but the release of the new iPhone 8 will inevitably affect the smartphone market, especially Apple’s competitors. To be honest, not every iPhone is that innovative but many brands tries to copy its features even if they’re not the best ones. In fact, we can expect interesting tendencies in Android smartphones. Here are three examples.

Display – despite the fact that the concept of Infinity Display comes from South Korea and is associated mainly with Samsung Galaxy S8, there is no doubt that after the release of iPhone 8, many companies will start to look at the 5.8-inch OLED display and try to copy this innovation.

Prices – the price policy, of course, is the business of each brand separately but the first smartphone with a 1000-dollar price tag will definitely start something. It is iPhone 8, not Galaxy Note 8, which will give the biggest push in this direction. After all, many brands always wanted to make something ground-breaking but feared the reaction. iPhone 8 will change that.

Augmented reality – everything tells us that iPhone 8 will a game changer in the AR department. The smartphone will come with iOS 11, so it will have the AR support. In time, once every Apple device is updated to this OS, the company will already have a huge AR platform. And even Google with its Project Tango and Lenovo Phab 2 Pro will be left behind.