Hospitals Begin Using Drones for Sample Transportation

Today, drones are used everywhere for various tasks. For example, they are a very practical way of transportation. Earlier, we’ve written about product deliveries executed by drones. Such companies as Amazon or Google are already using drones in the consumer segment. However, drones can play a bigger role in other fields, like medicine. This practice had already been tried in rural areas and now it’s coming to cities.

In Lugano, Switzerland, two hospitals have been actively using drones for the transportation of laboratory samples. During numerous tests, which started in March, American-made, Matternet drones were proven to be very practical and effective.

Drones for Sample Transportation

In fact, Swiss Post, the company operated the whole programme, plans make this service permanent by 2018. The example of Lugano is actually unique because it is the first case of drones delivering samples in an urban area. Before the tests, the programme must have been approved by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation. Thankfully, everything worked out well and the drones are allowed for testing.

Medical deliveries are extremely important everywhere and they must be done in a timely fashion. Therefore, drones are a perfect solution here because the packages are light, they are always delivered in time and there’s no issue with traffic. Swiss Post added that this practice will become regular in the future.