HUAWEI Honor Band 4 Smartband Unboxing

HUAWEI Honor Band 4 Smartband package
What is more to that, is that the smart band will be able to help you improve your life quality in all the aspects. It will never allow you to miss an important call and, thus, an opportunity, but the smart band will also keep track of your activities (including steps, distance, calories, sedentary reminder), heart rate, and sleep quality. Afterwards, the device will provide you with the up-to-date information. You will be able to check it all in the app and make timely actions to become stronger, healthier and happier.
HUAWEI Honor Band 4 Smart Band
By the way, even if you forget to end the training yourself, the smart band will suggest doing it itself. Furthermore, the device features alarm clock with gentle vibration wake up to ensure that you feel energized in the mornings.
We also have good news for our readers who like to swim. The smart band is 50m waterproof, therefore, it is suitable for any types of swimming. But it is also handy for any sports because it means that the Smartband will go through any weather conditions. And, oh yes, it will still display your performance, regardless of the activity you are doing, so you will be able to keep track of it too.
Honor Band 4 Smartband
The smart band, undoubtedly, synchronizes with your smartphone. You will receive all the calls and notifications. However, with such a multifunctional device it is quite easy to forget about the phone. Don’t worry, the smart band also has an anti-lost feature – when you are more than 10 m away from your phone it will beep to remind you to go back. And it is worth noticing that the device is compatible with both Android and iOS.
Best selling HUAWEI Honor Band 4 Smartband Unboxing
The smart band does need some time to get used to. Sometimes you might end up shaking your hand and it will not switch on. So, be aware that it might take a couple of days until you really get used to it. First couple of days it is a bit annoying.
Finally, the smartwatch features long battery life. If you use the sleeping monitor feature, then the intelligent device will work for 6 days. However, without it, it will run as long as 14 days. Two weeks of no worries about the charge – that is something we could only dream of. This smartwatch from Huawei will definitely help you lead a healthier and more active lifestyle in a simple and comfortable way. Aim higher, achieve better with this intelligent device.
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