Home Theater JmGO G3 Pro Portable Projector

Usually, when it comes to projecting some imagery onto a big screen, we use pretty standard devices. Most projectors are quite ordinary but there are some interesting devices on the market. The following one is unique mostly for its design. It’s called Home Theater JmGO G3 Pro Portable Projector and here’s the review.

JmGO G3 Pro certainly catches an eye once you look at it. The device has an unusual rounded look with a lens that bulges out a little bit. The projector comes in two beautiful colours: gold or black. The design is also very protective – the device is resistant to dust and it uses an effective cooling technology to make sure that the projector doesn’t overheat.

However, the design isn’t the main advantage of this projector. JmGO G3 Pro is highly functional, mostly due to its powerful “internals”: 4-core Amlogic T866 CPU, Mali-450MP4 GPU, built-n Android 4.4 OS, 2GB RAM and 16GB of flash memory. It’s like a mini-computer – you can surf the Internet, watch videos, play games, shop online and do presentations.

JmGO G3 Pro Portable Projector

As a result, we get a simple projector packed with power – it can produce bright imagery with a maximum size of 300 inches. Speaking of brightness, the lens in JmGO G3 Pro is amazing. It produces 1200 ANSI lumens of brightness, it has an autofocus and it’s made from durable glass which doesn’t affect image delivery in any way. The LED illumination system is so reliable that it can last for 30 000 hours of operation which would be 10 years of time if you used it 8 hours every day.

Finally, JmGO G3 Pro has a wide range of compatible devices. On the rear side, there are all kinds of ports including an audio jack, HDMI, RJ45 and 2 USB ports. That way, you can connect multiple devices to this projector, like smartphones, laptops, TV boxes, cameras, headphones, and so on.

Home Theater JmGO G3 Pro Portable Projector