Smart Home Monitoring Robot IP Security Camera

1.0 megapixel camera on this Smart Home Monitoring Robot WiFi IP Security Camera, provides with images of 1280 X 720 pixels in resolution. Images are sure to be clear and easy to view, where all details will not be left behind. A microphone and speaker are also built in, which make it easy to interact with the person in the other room. They can also communicate with you, and you’ll be able to hear them well.
ESCAM Robot QN02 Smart Home Camera
The robot can even play the audio in four different tones, and can send different expressions as well such as shy, exciting, proud, laughing, depressed and so on. It has different sensors as well, and when you touch the belly, the shoulder or the head of the robot, it will interact with you right away. Other commands can also be accomplished by touching different parts.
With the download of the “Family Robot” app, one can easily control the movement of the robot, and view what it is recording. It connects with the mobile device through the WiFi network of your home.
4400mAh battery is installed, that lasts for quite the usage time. When the battery however is starting to run low, the ESCAM Smart Home Robot will automatically return to the charging station to fill up on energy. The entire package consists of the ESCAM Robot, charge, power adapter and a USB cable.
Bring your attention to thisESCAM Smart Home Monitoring Robot IP Security Camera if you want a fun and interactive way to monitor your home. It is attractive in appearance, and has great features, as well as design.

Smart Home Monitoring Robot IP Security Camera
App control + WiFi connection, 4400mAh battery

Robot IP Security Camera