Himalaya Yoga via Apps, Choose Best App

About Himalayan yoga

The name of this type of yoga speaks for itself. These techniques, most of which are secret, have been collected during thousands of years. In the past, they were practiced under guru’s supervision. And in modern life, techniques of Himalayan yoga re available in yoga apps. But why were these techniques secret? Because they couldn’t be taught without preparation and only wise masters knew every detail. That’s why yoga doesn’t need to be treated just like a physical activity.

Choosing a yoga app

If you’re looking for a yoga app or a suitable program in one of these apps, you have to make sure that they offer reliable advice. Himalayan techniques must be done correctly, so we recommend consulting with an experienced trainer. Every element is important here: poses, breathing, concentration, thought process and even meditation music.

Tips for beginners

  • Start from short trainings, for example, 10 minutes every day;
  • Choose breathing exercises at first and asanas after that. Don’t start with complicated asanas;
  • Learn simple poses for improving energy flow circulation. This may take a lot of time and it’s important to lead an active lifestyle, eat healthy, and so on.

In any case, taking advice is necessary not only for beginners but for professional yogis as well because yoga has no limit for improvement and learning new things is just one more step forward.