Build Muscle, Burn Fat, Weight Controller Smart Gadget

This device is designed for anyone who is looking to loose extra weight in healthy controlled manner. Skulpt Chisel gadget is an electronic handheld body fat and muscle quality analyzer. It is slightly more accurate than most fitness tracking devices, since it is designed only with one purpose in mind. Therefore this device is more suitable for professional athletes and trainers.

Featuring 12 sensors that take readings from various muscle groups, the device when paired with an iPhone or an Android device provides detailed statistics and progress reports. Multicolored LED indicators inform user of various stages and progress status during use. In order to determine your body fat readings, the device is sending a small amount of electrical current through your body and calculates the result based on the time it takes for the signal to return.

High-Tech Weight Controller

Real benefit comes from the sophisticated app that evaluates your readings in order to make forecasts and suggest an exercise rhythm that is most beneficial in your particular case. With carefully calculated guidance based on your data you will be able to loose extra weight and get in shape in a controlled and safe manner.