High Power Torch Powerful Outdoor LED Flashlight

There is a built-in OLED display that will show you the brightness level, battery charge status, battery voltage, how much is left before the end of the battery and the internal temperature, in all weather conditions. IPX8 protection will allow you to use the flashlight even in heavy rains and similar severe weather conditions.
Nitecore TM26GT LED Flashlight
Nitecore Waterproof Outdoor LED Flashlight has 8 modes of operation: 3 lumens, 95 lumens, 540 lumens, 1700 lumens, turbo mode at 3,500 lumens, Strobe mode, SOS, and Location detection. Outgoing total luminous flux is 124 000 cd. The distance of the light beam is about 704 meters for reaching every dark corner.
The flashlight is controlled with a two-step button next to the OLED display. It is powered by 1 to 4 lithium-ion batteries of 18650 format or from 2 to 8 lithium batteries of the CR123A size. A special adapter 12V can charge these batteries from a 220V outlet. The built-in processor in the Nitecore TM26GT allows you to properly adjust and control the charging process itself. In order to avoid overheating of the flashlight electronics and breakage of the case, the overheating protection function is incorporated in it. When critical temperatures are reached, the flashlight will automatically lower the brightness of the LEDs.
It is also possible to use the Nitecore High Power Torch LED Flashlight as a stationary lantern, using special fasteners and a tripod. The kit includes: 1 x Nitecore TM26GT Flashlight, 1 x Holster, 1 x Lanyard, and 1 x 100-240V AC Charger. The dimensions of the product are 14.20 x 6.80 x 6.80 cm and it has a weight of 442 grams.
Nitecore Powerful Outdoor LED Flashlight is ideal for those who regularly travel or work in dark places. We recommend this flashlight with all of its modern electronics and convenient and ergonomic design.

Nitecore Waterproof High Power Torch
Powerful Outdoor LED Flashlight

Outdoor LED Flashlight