Thunk3D Desktop Color High Accuracy 3D Scanner

We live in a world of technology where people use all sorts of gadgets to make different models. Models are brought up on computers, observed and corrected for different projects. Not that long ago, people had to build their own 3D models in different programs, but in recent age, 3D scanners have come out. In this review, we are going to take a look at the Thunk3D Desktop Color 3D Scanner 0.04mm High Accuracy.

This Color 3D scanner is of a dark grey color which is rather neutral and sleek. The package includes the scanner itself, a turntable, tripod, 10mm glass calibration board, and a 200p mark sticker.

Thunk3D has many different advantages and positive sides. First of all, it is made out of ABS material, making it durable and long lasting. 16mm and 5-megapixel twin lens is sure to scan objects accurately and with details. Structured light is sure to provide with great brightness. It can also be adjusted anywhere from 1 to 48, depending on the atmosphere. You can then set the scan angle starting from 8 degrees and ending in 180 degrees, whatever is needed for you and your goals.

High Accuracy 3D Scanner

One can set auto scan to capture the items on the turntable, anywhere within 20 X 20 X 20 cm or free scan, which is tripod based and made for larger objects within 1 X 1 X 1 meter. Scans also turn out to be colorful, just the way the items are in life.

Accuracy of the scans is about 0.04mm. Items are captures with a speed of 0.3S/F, with the rotating scan being done in just 5 minutes. Thunk3D desktop C20 color 3D scanner is made to work with different computer systems. When working, the scanner is quiet, with no extra noise.

Thunk3D desktop C20 High Accuracy scanner is actually quite affordable with all of the features that it offers. It is extremely convenient in making all sorts of 3D models on your computer. It is done fast and accurately. It is great for those who are into different graphics.

0.04 mm High Accuracy 3D Scanner

Thunk3D Desktop Color 3D Scanner
0.04mm High Accuracy

Thunk3D Desktop 3D Scanner