Gatebox Voice Activated Device Virtual Girlfriend

A Japanese engineer Azuma Hikari from the company Gatebox created a very peculiar conversation partner for everybody around the world. Basically, it’s a holographic, virtual girl, encased in the glass, aquarium-like box. According to the Gatebox website, the device implements the artificial intelligence system.

Gatebox is a voice-activated device with a broad amount of features. The voice assistant abilities may remind Siri or Cortana but Gatebox is able to do much more. A robotic girl inside its case can make a real conversation with the user. It will wake him up in the morning, tell him about weather and latest news, remind of his plans and wish a good day. Like a loyal wife or a girlfriend, Gatebox will send the owner text messages or various notifications. Plus, it already knows the time, at which the user comes back home, so it will turn on lights by itself and greet you with welcoming words.

Plus, the hologram itself is very beautifully designed, this is probably the highlight of the device. The girl looks like a character from Japanese anime cartoons. So, for Japanese people, who are huge workaholics and don’t have much time for personal life, this may easily be a way to get rid of their loneliness.

Gatebox will be available for $2600. And watch this video to learn more about the device.