Smart Spoon Liftware Level Starter Kit

The “smart” trend is spreading on all things around us. But if another innovative fitness tracker doesn’t surprise anyone, there are some products which make us say “Wow!”. For example, the company Liftware has recently introduced a smart spoon – Smart Spoon Liftware Level Starter Kit for limited hand and arm mobility diseases.

The Tech device works due to electric stabilization mechanisms, fitted inside of it. The company has created two versions of this product. Both of them could be very helpful for those who have serious illnesses. Liftware Steady helps compensate the consequences of limb tremor for people with Parkinson or other similar diseases. It has built-in electric motion sensors which distinguish movements, caused by tremor, from voluntary movements, made by the user. The spoon reduces tremor severity by 70%, which allows users to eat by themselves.

Hi-Tech Smart Spoon

Smart Spoon Liftware Level Starter Kit
for limited hand and arm mobility

Liftware Level can help people who suffer from loss of coordination. It has the same working principle as Liftware Steady but also provides firm fixation of the spoon in the horizontal position, preventing any shaking.

Both devices consist of a handle, fitted with this stabilization system, and spoon attachment. Other attachments (fork, dessert spoon) are available for extra payment. Users also get a charger in the set. A single charge is quite enough for three meals. It may seem like a high price but health and life of your loved ones are worth even more.