Useful for Cold Winters +T Heated Smart Insoles

A start-up, called +T Smart Insoles, launched on Kickstarter a very innovative and useful product, especially for cold winters. It’s called +Winter and it’s a pair of smart insoles which heat up in cold weather. The insoles are powered by special batteries. A single charge is enough for 5 hours of usage. Plus, there’s an included device for wireless charging.

Users will be able to adjust the temperature to their liking. In order to do that, users will have to download the +t official app (available for iOS and Android mobile devices). The maximum temperature is 45 degrees (Celsius, obviously). The connection is made via Bluetooth. By the way, the insoles start heating up only when the user is moving. They are fitted with accelerometers which detect the movement. As a result, the insoles are getting warm. When standing, +Winter stop working to spare its energy.

Apart from these Hi-Tech features, the insoles are very comfortable and ergonomic. They are light, thin and splash-proof, so during any activity the feet of any user will be kept warm.

To learn more about the project and support it, visit its Kickstarter page.
+Winter is already available in Europe, but company plan to sell the product worldwide.