Latest Smart Glue Can Heal Wounds

The idea of having some kind of a substance that can stop the bleeding or heal a wound on a human body sounds like a total revolution in medicine. Actually, a lot of companies are taking their shots at creating a suitable technology. Recently, scientists from University of Sydney invented special glue called MeTro which is capable of healing wounds on most human body parts including internal organs.

The structure of MeTro is based on elastic proteins. Once they are exposed to ultraviolet light, the proteins become extremely firm and sturdy, almost like a totally different material. One small dose of MeTro glue is enough to patch up any wound in only 1 minute. After that, the glue will slowly dissolve while restoring body tissues.

In addition, MeTro glue is smart – by using special enzymes, it can be programmed to dissolve in a certain period of time allowing the organism to heal the wound in time. The glue has already been tested – scientists successfully completed “surgeries” on lungs and damaged arteries.

MeTro glue can be a much better substitute to stitches which are normally used by doctors today. The glue could be essential in force majeure situations when a patient requires immediate treatment, for example after an accident.