Mevics Smart Gadget for Correct Body Posture

Students from Odessa National Polytechnic University created a product, called Mevics. The device is used for very practical purposes – it helps develop correct posture. The start-up has already received $500 Thousand of investments from the British consulting company UBTower and is ready to be launched.

It’s no secret that today a lot of people have problems with back posture. But everyone should be very attentive about this matter because it’s highly important for health. Bad posture can cause numerous issues, including blood circulation loss, breathing difficulties, pinched nerves, and so on.

Hi-Tech Gadget for Correct Posture

That’s when Mevics comes into action. It’s a small rectangular device (30x40mm) which is attached under the clothes. It’s completely unseen and doesn’t cause any inconveniences. Special detectors, fitted inside of Mevics, control the changes of back position and the device vibrates if the user starts slouching. Mevics collects all the health data which can be seen on your smartphone. The connection with mobile devices is made via Bluetooth. Mevics is probably going to be introduced at the CES 2017. This tech device is about to be launched on one of crowdfunding platforms. Users will be able to pre-order it for $80-100.