Smart Gadget Against Stress

A startup from San Francisco designed a stress-fighting smart gadget, called Leaf. The gadget recognizes the first symptoms of anxiety and starts vibrating in a certain way, so that users would calm down.

Lief is a compact medical accessory – it’s not visible under clothes. Due to its anatomic shape, it’s attached securely in the heart area. The gadget is only 6mm thick, so it doesn’t cause any discomfort even when it’s used during the day.

Lief estimates even different indicators: heart rate variability, pulse, breathing rate, activity, mood, level of thinking and parasympathetic activation. The first one is the most important because if heart rate variability is low, a person has psychological problems.

Lief tracks the stress level and optimizes it by increasing heart rate variability. The gadget usually vibrates but these vibrations can be very different. The rhythm is selected according to the person’s symptoms. In only 3 minutes heart rate and breathing stabilize without any pills and medicines. Besides, all health data is displayed in the app (available for iOS and Android devices). The app presents all indicators as graphs and diagrams, so users could monitor their health with a smartphone. Lief was successfully launched the product on Kickstater.