Smart 5G Bandages Will Help Doctors Monitor Patients

The fifth generation networks (5G) have already been tested in China and their launch is coming up. Obviously, 5G will revolutionize mobile internet and may lead to further expansion of Internet of Things (IoT). Smart gadgets will be used in every sphere including household, business, medicine, and so on.

Speaking of medicine, scientists from Swansea University have already invented a gadget integrated with 5G network. It is a smart bandage which uses 5G for transmitting data to doctors. That way, they can monitor the healing process of their patients remotely. The bandage is fitted with numerous nano-sensors which do all the work. Based on the received data, a doctor can recommend a certain treatment plan and track physical activity of the patient.

Hi-Tech 5G Bandages

If your wound is healing and you require a slightly different treatment, your doctor will know about without inspecting the wound himself. Every piece of data will be displayed on a smartphone.

Scientists also mentioned that such bandages could be produced in 3D-printers to save money. Unfortunately, there’s no information about the mass use of this technology but we hope that we’ll see these smart bandages in the future.