HEXAGONAL Multi-functional Ruler

Most of us have enjoyed doodling on different scratches of paper, but some of us have gone much further than all that. Plenty of people enjoy full on sketching, and for some it might not only be a hobby, but a source of income.

As we all know, for many sketches a ruler is needed. HEXAGONAL Multi-functional Ruler, is one that can be used many different ways, and is made to be very durable. Each ruler is about 72 X 62 mm in size, and is made out of stainless steel and wire drawn brass.

The design of this ruler is very unique, shaped as an absolute symmetrical hexagon. It has many different functions, such as compass, protractor, or template ruler. Every single ruler has it owns features, and you can choose your own combinations. One combination is the line, where there is a protractor, circle with 1 to 5 mm in diameter, straightedge, and a line from 0.75 mm to 2mm. The second combination is point, with a protractor, circles from 5 to 120 mm in diameter, Spirograph pattern, and straightedge.

Multi-functional Ruler

Third combination is curve and consist of a protractor and corner rounder of 5 mm to 50 mm in diameter. Lastly, there is a fourth combination, the polygon, where there is a protractor, and five to sixteen sided polygons.

The Hexagonal ruler was presented on the kickstarter platform. There are many different packages offered of this ruler, for different prices. It is very convenient for those that are constantly sketching, especially with its many features, small size, and durable material.