HD Image Home Theater 4K Video Mini Projector

Many are used to using projectors in their offices and schools, and have the stereotypical thinking that installing one at home is nearly impossible. Well there are plenty of different projectors, providing us with high quality images, for a realistic price. WEJOY HD Image Home Theater 4K Video Mini Projector with tripod, is one that we snatched to observe for this review.

This projector has a good-looking, neutral, basic design, offered in a white color. It is made out of ABS material, making it moderately heavy-duty and long lasting. Size of this projector is 7.5 X 7.5 X 3.5 cm, which makes it compact, small and easy to bring along with you, or install just about anywhere.

Native resolution of this projector is 854 X 480 pixels, but it supports up to 4K resolution. Brightness of this item is 50 ANSI Lumens with the throw ration being 1.19:1. Images are sure to be relatively lively, sharp and eye catching. One can adjust the size of the image to be anywhere from 10 to 110 inches. However, it needs to be set at a distance from 0.2 to 3 meters away.

WEJOY DS - L8 Mini Projector

Bluetooth 4.1 and dual band WiFi 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz makes it easy to broadcast all content to the screen, without requiring other connections. However, interfaces such as audio out port, IR, Micro SD card slot and USB are provided.

WEJOY DS-L8 Mini Projector also has a speaker built in, it delivers with loud sound, without the need to connect additional ones. Lamp life is made to last for up to 30000 hours, or numerous years of usage.

4200mAh Li-polymer battery installed, charges rapidly and lasts for quite the time. The package also includes a 12.5 cm tripod for easy installation, and a remote control powered by two AAA batteries, for quick adjustment of channels, volume and more.

WEJOY DS-L8 Mini Projector is one that is inexpensive and created with excellence. It makes images fine-looking and runs with full enjoyment for just about everyone throughout the entire time. Installing it is stress-free and quick! Bring your attention to the WEJOY DS-L8 projector if you are wanting something similar.