Handheld Functional GPS Tracker with Compass

No matter what we do in life, it is important to first of all think about our safety. Often when we are camping, going on different outdoor activities, and just in emergency situations, we need a GPS. Cellphone service or using our mobile ones, is often not available. So, in this review, we want to take a look at all of the various specs and features of this Handheld Functional Mini GPS Tracker with Compass.

This mini GPS is surely small and compact, so that you can always bring it along with you. It has a mini watch shaped design, and in size it is 6.5 x 5 x 1.5 cm with the weight being just 35 grams, tiny and light. The army green GPS tracker and compass can even be easily attached to your keychain!

With this item, you can set a destination point, and it will map out the route for you, with the proper directions and distance. The maximum amount of points that can be set is 16.

Mini Traveler GPS with Compass

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This item can even record the distance that you travelled while using it, the amount of time that you spent getting to your destination, and your current position including the longitude, latitude and altitude. All of these features are sure to guarantee you safety, and help in traveling.

Such a GPS tracker even allows you to tell time, which is a much-needed function. Compass feature will allow you to always be aware of what direction you are going in. Accuracy of this handheld mini GPS is about 10 meters.

It can even be used in the darker parts of the day, since the screen is fully backlit for easy viewing. The 390mAh lithium battery is built in, that charges rather quickly via a USB cable, and is made to provide up to 6 hours of usage time.

This Handheld Mini GPS tracker is rather affordable in price and is certainly handy. You do not need any internet connection, outlets and so on. It is heavy-duty, compact and is made to provide you with safety and help when you need it. Take a look at this item, if you are one that spends plenty of time travelling or in the nature.

Handheld Functional GPS Tracker with Compass
Speed measurement + Display accurate time

Functional GPS Tracker