Compatible With Any OS Mini Touchpad Keyboard Air Mouse

H1 Remote control with Full Touchpad Keyboard and air mouse is a functional gadget that can make watching TV comfy. Comfier than it is now. So, the device looks like a traditional RC with lights to see the buttons at night and the possibility to connect to the TV wirelessly. But that is until you turn it around, where you will see a full keyboard. With the touchpad, you will be able to easily type what you want. So, seems like looking for a film is now easier.

Full Touchpad Keyboard best deal

Moreover, it is also an air mouse which, due to the 6-axis-gyro, is highly precise and responsive. The RC is compatible with almost anything – is it an Android, Windows, Mac OS, or Linux Systems. Finally, it is equipped with an IR-learning. You can make it learn from another RC (like an X-box control) and make it perform exactly the same function. As a result, you will only need one RC in your house.

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H1 Full Touchpad Keyboard Air Mouse
with Backlight
For: Android, Windows, Mac OS, Linux Systems