Great USB Urban Backpack for City Life and Travel

Most of us have many different items that we need to bring with us on a daily basis. Often, we have textbooks for school, different work items and so on. In order to compactly fit it all in, we all use different kinds of bags. Regular bags can put a strain on our backs, so for that, people invest in different backpacks. In this review, we have observed one of really great backpacks – USB Urban Backpack for City Life and Travel Men Minimalist Canvas Laptop Backpack.

This backpack is quite simple, but at the same time trendy. It is first of, offered in several different colors such as black, blue, deep gray and rose red. All are trendy and stylish, and attractive.

The backpack itself is made out of durable canvas material, which makes it rather durable and long lasting for many different seasons. Size of this backpack is 28 X 12 X 45 cm, with the should straps being adjustable to a length from 45 to 78 centimeters, depending on what is comfortable for you. Overall, it is also very light in weight being just 580 grams.

Men Minimalist Canvas Laptop Backpack

The back of the bag is made out of padded mesh material, which makes it comfortable to wear for many hours. The entire material is breathable as well. The backpack also has many different compartments that allow you to properly fit in all of your items, and organize them in a convenient for you way. There is one main larger compartment, with many smaller sections inside, as well as a smaller separate compartment. This makes it easy to store all necessary items, fit in your computer, tablet, different notebooks, clothes and so on. External USB is one very great feature, allowing you to connect your mobile device and charge on the go whenever you want to.

This minimalist canvas laptop backpack is an extremely great item for people of all ages for all different reasons. It fits in just about everything and has a design that is suitable for travel, hiking or even business and school style. Price of it is reasonable as well and quite worth it with all of its features and specifications.

USB Urban Backpack for City Life and Travel
Men Minimalist Canvas Laptop Backpack.

USB Urban Backpack